Expanded clay
Claydite is one of the most popular building bulk materials from expanded clay. Its main characteristics are lightness, cellular structure, high properties of fire resistance and frost resistance. The company "Severstroy" offers 5-10 and 10-20 fractions expanded clay.
The main field of 5-10 fraction expanded clay application - lightweight aggregate concrete blocks manufactured by vibro-pressing. Due to the strength of small granules and large bulk density expanded clay of this fraction is an excellent filler for concrete, and it is used for filling insulating ties. For the role of insulation and sound insulation material for walls, ceilings and floors 5-10 fraction expanded clay fits better than others due to its small size. And if for concretes and screeds, excessive porosity of the granules is harmful, for a thermal insulation (no filling) it is welcomed.
10-20 fraction expanded clay is used in finishing works, in the construction of the roof, as well as a filler in the concrete mix and in the production of concrete blocks. This fraction is not the largest and lightest of all presented, but it has good thermal insulation properties and can be used in almost all areas where expanded clay is needed.

Manufacturer: "Severstroy"