Expanded clay sand
Fine-fraction expanded clay sand is optimal for the production of masonry mortar, characterized by a high level of heat preservation. It is made of natural material and does not contain impurities in its composition.
The obtained granules are exposed to high temperatures, due to which they acquire following characteristic features: lightness, resistance to fire, water resistance, durability and strength, thermal insulation characteristics and resistance to frost.
Expanded clay sand belongs to the category of bulk materials and is used on a par with crushed stone and gravel. It is optimally suited for the construction of outdoor space. Also, sand is indispensable in the design of flower beds and paths in the suburban areas and in the role of drainage. It is not affected by temperature, so it can be used to hide the rootstock of trees and strengthen structures of various types. The porous structure of the material provides reliable adhesion to the solution and increases the strength of products, for example lightweight concrete blocks. It is suitable for compacting voids, which is especially important in landscape design, and for noise insulation of ceilings, floors and walls.
Also expanded clay sand is used in the construction of water supply and various pipeline systems.

Manufacturer: "Severstroy"