Fence "blinds"
Sectional fence blinds is a new, beautiful, modern version of the fence for country houses and cottage villages.

This fence is a section of the profile pipes, which are attached to the horizontal slats. Lamellas are planks that are parallel to each other, but at the same time rotated around its longitudinal axis. It turns out that something similar to conventional braces, stood in a slightly half-open position. If you look at the fence-blinds from afar, the fence will seem solid, without gaps, and if you come closer, it will be clear that the distance between the slats of the fence there.

Advantages of the fence
Due to the location of the lamellae through the fence the sun's rays penetrate well, air circulates, so you can plant in close proximity to it.
Externally, the fence looks very aesthetically, beautiful and unusual.
Long service life.
Does not require additional maintenance.
The fence absorbs extraneous sounds. Thanks to it there is an additional sound insulation on the site.

Manufacturer: "Zabor56"