Export Support Center services
We help exporters with words, deeds and rubles
1. We offer a flexible and efficient solution to the problems associated with export activities.
2. We give practical recommendations on export activities.
3. We inform about the measures to support SMEs planning to start (or already engaged in) export activities.
4. We provide support in controversial and difficult situations.
Conducting training events
1. We conduct seminars according to the educational program of the REC Export School.
2. We organize and hold round tables, conferences and other congress events on foreign trade.
Translation of materials into foreign languages
We provide translation services to prepare presentations and other materials related to the promotion of the investment proposal.
Homologation of products
We provide assistance in bringing goods (works, services) in accordance with the requirements necessary for the export of goods (works, services).
Protection of the results of intellectual activity
1. We provide assistance in ensuring protection and registration of rights on the results of intellectual activity in the Russian Federation and abroad, including patent research, in order to determine the current patent situation in foreign markets of products provided by the projects of export-oriented SMEs, including the possibility of free use of products without the risk of violation of existing patents.
2. We assist in the analysis to identify potential contractors and competitors, identify and select objects of licenses and the acquisition of a patent.
Organization of SMEs participation in international congress and exhibition events
We assist in the organization of SMEs participation in international exhibitions, fairs and congress events in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
Arrangement of business missions
We assist in the organization of SMEs participation in international business missions, including the rental of premises for negotiations, technical and linguistic support of negotiations, transportation of participants by road (except taxi) and (or) rail from the place of arrival in a foreign country to the place of accommodation and from the place of accommodation to the place of the event.
Arrangement of participation in exhibitions and forums
We assist in the SMEs participation in forums and exhibitions.
Arrangement of reverse trade missions
We are arranging reverse business missions for potential partners of regional SMEs.
Search for a foreign counterparty
1. Search for a potential foreign partner.
2. Verification of the reliability of a foreign counterparty.
3. Conducting negotiations with a foreign counterparty.
4. Arrangement of meetings with a potential foreign partner in the region.
Made in Russia
We provide assistance in product certification and labeling.