Made in Russia
Program to support Russian brands and goods abroad
The export brand of the country "Made in Russia" was created to increase the recognition of famous Russian brands and products abroad.
The main values of Russian companies
and goods under the single umbrella
brand "Made in Russia"

Quality and reliability
The modern image of Russian non-resource exports
Product availability and popularity
Product safety
Ecological properties of products
Complex solution
The program "Made in Russia" promoting well-known Russian brands and goods abroad is designed to confirm the integrity of the domestic manufacturer as a reliable supplier of quality products.
Voluntary certification and labeling system "Made in Russia".
Launch of the electronic catalogue of Russian manufacturers in foreign languages.
Launch of the digital identification of marked Russian goods system to combat counterfeiting.
Development and implementation of a set of marketing activities (including research) aimed at promoting Russian brands and products in foreign markets, taking into account the characteristics of the importing country.
Brand Made in Russia is a communication tool for Russian manufacturers, which gives the right to use the official "Made in Russia" mark on any advertising materials, packaging, website of certified products as an element of design and corporate identity of export-oriented companies.
Key advantages
Confirmation of the status of bona fide exporters for Russian producers
Confirmation of country of origin
Protection of Russian products against imitation and counterfeiting abroad
Significant reduction of company's marketing and advertising costs
Voluntary certification system
"Made In Russia"