Aerated concrete blocks
Aerated concrete block Argo®, autoclaved lightweight concrete, is a unique, modern building material that combines the power of stone and wood heat.
Aerated concrete block Argo® is produced by mixing quicklime, cement, sand and water. Resulting from the chemical reaction between the raw materials, a large amount of gas (hydrogen) and heat is released. Due to this, the aerated concrete mixture swells, seizes, and the raw mass gains a certain plastic strength within 3-4 hours.
The set of ultimate strength and "maturation" of blocks is produced in autoclaves, special high-pressure vessels that provide the required humidity and temperature, where quartz sand, behaving in other conditions as an inert substance, reacts to form new resistant minerals. It cannot be already said about cellular concrete autoclave hardening that it "consists of cement, sand and water" it is an artificially created stone with high physical and mechanical characteristics.

Manufacturer: NZSM "Argo"