Silicate brick
Silicate brick fully meets the requirements of architects and is used for masonry, cladding and decoration of exterior walls of buildings and structures, as well as for interior decoration.

Technical characteristics (GOST 379-95):
Types of bricks – front, course, single, one-and-a-half, solid, hollow, white, solid color staining, decorative polymer coating;
Main sizes, mm– 250*120*65, 250*120*88;
Make – M75, M100, M125, M150, M175, M200;
Density, kg / m3-1500-1900;
Frost resistance grade-F15, F25, F35, F50;
Water absorption, % - 14-25;
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W / (m*0S – - 0.6;
Shrinkage during drying - no;
Fire resistance limit - non-combustible material (GOST 30244)

Manufacturer: NZSM "Argo"