Prakla Drilling Rigs
Rotary drilling rig Prakla RB 10 is the lightest universal drilling rig of PRAKLA Bohrtechnik. RB10 allows drilling of 108-504 mm diameter and up to 150 m deep wells.
The RB 25 and RB 30 GT series allow drilling 108-762 mm diameter and up to 400 m deep wells
Universal drilling rigs from the Prakla RB 40 series allow drilling 108-1016 mm diameter and up to 700 m deep wells.
The drilling rig Prakla RB 50 allows drilling 108-1200 mm and up to 1200 m deep wells (depending on the configuration and weight of the drill string).
The Prakla RB-T100 is a multi-purpose drilling rig that is used for a variety of drilling methods in any geological structure. It is suitable for drilling wells up to 2500 m deep and up to 1500 mm in diameter.

Manufacturer: ZBO Drill Industries, Inc.