Drilling rig ZBO S15
The Drilling rig ZBO S15 designed for exploration drilling with Wireline method for solid minerals was created to replace the Canadian rig, but compared to it has a number of competitive advantages, including:
- the cost of ZBO S15 is lower than similar imported models by 30%;
- complex delivery with a set of drilling tools;
- built-in access control and registration of drilling parameters ZBO Drill Control;
- own service;
- fast delivery and no customs clearance;
- short delivery time of spare parts and components.

Distinctive feature
1. Telescopic mast
2. The system of control and registration ZBO Drill Control
3. Use of large diameter pipes for casing
4. Cable support system
5. Convenient change of drill bit
6. The system of uniform winding of the cable on Wireline winch
7. Complex delivery
8. Facilitating the installation and removal of drill pipes process
9. Complete set according to the customer's request

Manufacturer: ZBO Drill Industries, Inc.